Newbie needs help and advice on first ringbell

Hi everyone and l am glad l have found this forum as l could do with some help and advice on a ring video doorbell l set up today.
first is l get notification on my iphone for motion but no ring/noise to let me know l have a motion notification so how or what do l need to do to fix this,.
and second is when l go onto Live video both speaker and sound is off and so l put them on and it works but when l come off live and then go back on both speaker and sound are off again… how or what can l do to fix this this…

Hi @ray5. Welcome to the Ring Community! You can adjust the alert tone and volume for motions and dings from your Ring App by going to the device profile page > Device Settings > Notification Settings > App Alert Tones. From there you can choose which sound plays for which event, and the volume will be dependent on your phone’s notification volume.

As for the Live View, once you initiate a Live View you will need to press the green phone icon to activate the Two-Way Audio feature so you can speak through your phone and be heard from the Doorbell. You’ll have to activate this each time you initiate a Live View, as sometimes you may want to look without speaking through the Doorbell. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

thanks for replying , l understand now why there is no two way audio on live till you activate the green phone icon.
l followed what you said on motion, and have both ring and motion on a ring sound but no sound comes on my iphone as the motion is detected on the ring doorbell ?

To receive your Ring app notifications, please ensure the latest version of the Ring app is installed and push notifications permissions are allowed. Next, check your Ring devices in the Ring app to ensure their Motion Alert toggles are enabled. Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled as well.

Here is our Help Center article for notifications with more tips and tricks. :slight_smile: