New wifi - Cellular backup

We just bought a new Wi-Fi router and cannot connect our ring device to the new router.

The device keeps telling us that it’s running on cellular backup & it is using all of our data.

Can anyone help?

Hey @Austin-Chicago. With new routers you can run into certain firewall blocks that prevent a Ring device from connecting. Please read our Ring Help Center Article here to learn more about these and what you should open up before getting the devices reconnected another try. Hope this helps!

This was very helpful… Although there’s a lot of technical specifications that I don’t understand.

Is there a way we can arrange a call or can I call a number directly to troubleshoot life?

@Austin-Chicago As this is a member to member forum and not a direct from Ring support forum, it would be best to reach out to our support team here. You can give them a call or chat anytime, 24/7.

You should be aware that the Ring Base Station has it’s own cellular plan, which is included as part of Ring Protect Plus. It does not use your celluar data plan.

Another option, if your router is nearby is to use an ethernet cable and wire the base station directly to your router.

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