New user with questions :-)


New user from France and I have some questions if you could help me!

In my Android phone, in the notifications parameters for Ring app (parameters menu) of Android) I can see these notifications (with toggle):

-Motion Notification

-Cam 1 motion notification

-Cam 2 motion notification

-Cam 2 motion notification

-Ring Alarm

-Ring alarm Ring alarm - alarm in progress

(translated from french…)

I have 3 cameras.

Do you think I can set to off Cam1-3 motion notification? In this case will I receive notifications if someone enter my home when Ring base is in outside mode?

I have set off the notifications for Cam1, 2 and 3 as in exit delay I had notifications if I pass behind a cam… noisy!

It’s not clear for me all this notifications and I found no information to explain, so not sure to understand all these notifications, 6 notifications in my case.

In the Ring app int the parameters for a cam there are two toggles int he top right (under “lights”) : motion detection and motion notiifcation (translated from french not sure the same for you). I really don’t understand the différences beetween these two toggles!

Last question, recording cam:

When a cam starts recording (30 sec in my case) will it start a new recording at the end of the 30 sec. time if a motion is still detected (like Arlo does) ? I’m afraid the cam will “wait” before recording again.

Thank you for reading and for your help!

Stay safe!


Hi @SsnickersS. This question has been answered in this thread here. Thanks for being apart of the Ring Community! :smiley:

I’m sorry but only the first question has received an answer, not the other.

Could you please remove your message to let pepople answer me?

Thank you


If someone can answer me !

Please moderator don’t say you have already answered as you have just answered the first quesion !

TBak you for your help