New unit doesn’t work

I have a new ring doorbell camera unit
It won’t connect to my WiFi and I tried for days following suggestions but two suggestion features I don’t have
Like a unit reset button
When I get to the screen with the 4 circles mine just swirls

Which doorbell do you have? The original, the 2nd , pro?
What have you tried so far?

We have a very common, widely used wifi router and had a problem with ring doorbell not “seeing” our system. Be sure your 2.4MHz is on a channel 1 thru 11. Ours was using channel 161. Ring ONLY works on 2.4MHz AND a channel between1 and 11. Access your router and check the channel it is using. You may need to manually select the channel. 11 is a safe bet. Also you may need to update you router firmware. To allow channel selection.