New to community …re protect plus

Morning all …
Just bought & installed 2 new security cameras yesterday—-front & back of the house. Both exactly same models.
Re my offer of free 30 day protect plus trial period, does this offer run simultaneously for both cameras or separately? I’ve got 29 days left before I decide whether to purchase or not?
Your help is appreciated.

Hi @Gidu03. Yes, that’s correct. The free trial starts once you set the Ring device up in the Ring App. So if both devices were set up on the same day, then their trials will both have started on the same day, so the 29 days you see applies to both devices. You can also read more information about the Ring Protect plans here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, it looks like you are just at the end of your free trial. If you want access to videos, there are two plans you can choose from. A Per device (basic) or Per Location (plus). Plan. Check out the Ring website which shows a table of the different options/ features for each plan. Once you have three cams a Plus plan definitely starts to look more logical due to its added cover and options, including extended warranty. You can switch from Basic to Plus at any time, but if you want to ensure warranty cover then do so before 2 years ownership. Switching after 2 years and any cams that are over 2 years old are legacy and are not covered. Hope that made sense.

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