New system, dead battery

Just purchased a new 10 piece system with gen 2 sensors. Two of the contact sensors report having dead batteries right out of the box. Oddly, they still chime when they lose contact. Could the battery really be dead?

The batteries should be good for a long time. Most likely the app is reporting the charge incorrectly. I’d remove the app, restart your phone and then reinstall it again to start. Hopefully it will then report the correct charge.

That’s a nice idea, but it is also reporting the same for a shared user. I am hesitant to nuke the app on my phone when it reports the same on two devices with two accounts. Doesn’t seem rationale. Other ideas?

I’d call customer service. They should be able to see the charge on their end. And if there’s a problem, they can send out new units if needed.
Information on customer support below.