New stickup and elite cams POOR infrared dispersion

These newest stickup cams need to be redesigned concerning the IR lighting.
I have to put aluminum foil blinders on either side in order to focus the IR forward like it should be ( as are on the spotlight Cam ! )

The IR LED’s are deflecting ALL THE LIGHT TO THE SIDES AND NONE FORWARD AS IT SHOULD BE. This is poor thought in design or manufacturing error.
The 1st gen stickup was more effective, and I have one still kicking ?? As the original Ring door bell also good IR
The IR LED’S should have been placed centered forward for best coverage.

For now, aluminum Foil will have to do.

1st pic has foil installed, 2nd is stock cam not moded yet

please tell me how to do the foil trick…i’m frustrated with my infrared too