New stick-up cam versus old

Other than the inclusion of a POE adapter, what advantages does the new Stickup Cam Elite have over the previous Stickup Cam Wired? I already have an 8 port POE router, so I don’t need the adapter.


Since nobody from Ring bothered answering, I’ll answer my own question. It appears that there is no difference in the camera itself. Ring just changed the name, raised the price, and added in the POE adapter, even though not everybody needs that.

I found one of the older models still in stock at a local store and bought it instead of the unneeded new models.

I just spoke to them today about this change. I had to replace my stick up cam because of a night vision problem only lighting up on the left side and not the right. They sent me a replacement with a different name. The camara I sent in was the stick up cam wired and the one I recieved was the stick up cam elite.

    I noticed the box was missing the micro usb indoor and outdoor cord. I called them and they said that the reason is because it is a gen 3 and my cam is a gen 2. Does not make sense because when I asked them the difference They said the gen 3 is better and I said how? They could not respond so I asked them why they dont include the micro usb and they said because it is charged of ethernet, I said the camara at the bottom has a micro usb port and ethernet port. They then said they will send me a 1 time indoor and outdoor micro usb. I said so the only difference between the stick up cam gen 2 and the gen 3 is the box contains less charging options and less install equipment and they said yes. So now when you buy a stick up cam gen 3 it is the same as gen 2 except you have to buy seperatly the micro usb. So I told them that they gave me a false statment saying the gen 3 is better than the gen 2 and they said they can not comment. Very bad move by Ring to make this name change and say its better when it is really worse. More money less charging equipment and less install equipment. I hope Ring did not do this to try to save money and make more money because that will lead me to believe they are going down hill and I have invested thousands all ready into my ring set up. So that is the change, new name gen 3, no new features but will lead you to belive there are. Very bad!

Yeah, as you discovered, no difference accept you get a PoE injector for $100 more lol. They have had the 2nd Gen on the site for $100 for a few months. I knew they were clearing them out to replace with Elites, I went to buy the 2nd gens today and they are finally out of stock. Definetly shady move IMO.