New Sensor Suggestion - Glass Break

I’m writing on the recommendation to post my suggestion here in the community forum from the Facebook message I sent. So, I used to work in the home security business, was an Alarm Agent, so I called on “active alarms” from customers homes to verify if they were ok or needed dispatch potentially. The only sensor that I wish you guys offered other then what’s currently offered is a Glass Break Sensor. The sensors that were offered from the company that I used to work for, they listened for the certain “pitch/sound” of glass breaking, and that’s what set it off. I wish that you guys offered that as a dedicated sensor to add to the system. I’m aware that Alexa has the “Guard” option, and can/will listen for glass break potentially. But, I’m not a huge fan of Alexa to begin with, so I’d rather use my dedicated sensors/system to do as such, and if I choose to have a smart assistant potentially, then to use it as such as it was intended.

Yes! Alexa only protects when we are away. Having one would be super helpful