New Ring video 2 doorbell- Lost internet and had to reset router. Now no doorbell?

After we had to reset our router. (Not the passwords, just unplugged and replugged) now our doorbell won’t workl Have tried to reset the doorbell and have even attempted the hard reset by pushing the button for a full 15 seconds. Problem is the doorbell won’t go into its own WiFi setup, so on my iPhone it won’t see the Doorbells temp wifi for the setup.

When I push the button in for the 15 seconds it appears to turn the light off and then it goes into a flashing mode. Not the circular flash expected, and the doorbells wifi does not show up as available on my iphone.

I have even pulled the battery out for a hour with no luck. We are getting aux power from our old doorbells wires with no issues there. If we push the doorbell button it still rings our old inside doorbell chime.

Have not had this installed yet for 30 days.

Hi @civilguy, have you tried reaching out to our support team? This would be a great first step to take since you’ve done a bulk of the troubleshooting steps. Please reach out to them here and let us know how it goes!

I did and was of no help. First found out that even though the light was on the battery was at zero. So I have since put charge on the battery and still no luck. Was told by your support that the doorbell is not designed to be used below 32 degrees as per the specs! I told the support person you’ve got to be kidding, half the country is below 32 degees F! She said the battery because of the cold doesn’t last long, I told he I understand that but only three weeks? the specs say 2 months, and besides I have it getting power from my old doorbell wires. (yes checked with voltmeter, working within spec). Under the empression that this would keep it charged, I guess not!

So thank full I found this out before the end of the month and Amazon will still take it back! Doorbell won’t reset now even with a freshly charged and warm battery!

Were you able to resolve this issue? I am having the same problem, unfortunately it happened after three months so I am not able to return it at this point.