New ring idea

My mom just got upgraded to level 3 in memory care. It’s going to cost here 8k a month now. I want a ring doorbell in here room so I can make sure they are checking on here as many times as there suppose, and give her the care she is paying for. Do you think that would work or does it have to be modified.

IMHO - I think if you are lucky, you would install your doorbell and everything worked the way it is supposed to and you saw the care provided. BUT - if your device did not show what you were hoping for, it may be that the caretakers were being lax OR it may be that the device or ring infrastructure or the facility’s infrastructure were not operating properly.

We live in a small community in Mexico which has 24 X 7 security. There is a guarded front gate and unarmed guards are supposed to make periodic rounds to check the neighborhood. Sometimes they walk. Sometimes they drive around. It would be hard for them to avoid detection by my ring doorbell if everything was working properly. YET - no visits have been captured by ring’s motion detection in the last two days. There have been a lot of other motions detected.

I would need another vender’s device installed in parallel with both devices showing no security sweeps before I could complain.

Personally, I think this ring doorbell is almost ‘toy-like’. Fortunately we still have the rather large cowbell on a cord installed next to the ring doorbell. The cowbell works 100% of the time. It is good that Amazon is not providing pace-maker or space shuttle software/devices…