New ring doorbell, motion detection getting worse each day

Have had the doorbell <1 week. Bear with me as I give history. At install, with max detection set and a detection zone that included street in front of house, I was notified of cars driving by and dog walkers. Got notifications at night, too. This was good. The connection was poor (80) though, so live stream would cut out. I purchased a Chime Pro. The connection went to green (40). Yay. But then, I started missing just about everything that wasn’t within 10 feet or so of the doorbell. Also nothing after dark as before. Yesterday it picked up a trash truck, but not the car that parked in front of my house.

I unplugged the Chime Pro and reconnected the doorbell to my wifi instead of the chime network, putting it back to how it was day 1. However, it’s still not picking up motion other than person a few feet from the door.

I have no schedules turned on. Strength is good. Motion setting is max. Area selected for detection includes street.

And PS, my RSSI is currently 66, but it is neither red, green, nor amber. I thought it had to be a color??



What about your other Motion related settings? Frequency? I find I have to have Frequency Regular or Frequent otherwise it misses a lot of stuff.

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Thank you, but it appears my wired doorbell does not have a frequency option.

I was going to pasted my screens, but it appears I’m limited to one image only. I looked up how/where to set the frequency and saw, per the article, it is in Motion Settings/Advanced Settings. All I have there is Schedule. (See image).

Also, for info, my doorbell is “Doorbell Wired” not Doorbell 2 or other. Regardless, it was definitely picking up motion in front of the house on Day 1.

I’d suggest trying to put the settings back to the way they were day 1. Then seeing if it works or not.

As a last resort you could reach out to support ( Contact Us – Ring Help). Be aware wait times can be long and you may have to call back a few times to get someone to assist.

Thanks. Attempted to do that. (I didn’t make any changes other than trying to connect to Chime Pro, but had troubles, so put it back to my wifi.)

When everything was back to normal, it started picking up all motion again….for about 3 hours. Now it doesn’t. The only difference is that the sun moved but it’s still pretty bright out!!!

Related question, maybe: is there a relationship between motion detection and the wifi network? That is, is motion detection dependent upon signal strength?

I just watched someone walk right in front of my house and not a peep from Ring. So frustrating!