New Ring Doorbell doesn’t appear to be charging

Brought a ring doorbell today second gen. The app is saying it’s 69% charged so I have gone to charge it. Plugged in with two different leads on back of ring alarm hub box but no light is on the doorbell to suggest it is charging. Therefore it doesn’t appear to be charging. Any ideas why? Is it faulty? I’ve read it should have the doorbell light displayed whiskeys charging and when fully charged the circle will be complete. I have no circle at all.

Hi @JamesE. To clarify, are you saying you plugged your Ring Doorbell into your Ring Alarm Base Station? The Doorbell’s battery should only be charged using the charging cable provided in the original packaging for the Doorbell, and it should be plugged into a standard power outlet. Nothing with the Doorbell should be plugged into the Base Station at all. I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

Hi - I can in fact confirm that the charge from the base station is not powerful enough to charge the ring doorbell. However this is quite confusing if you are new to ring products as the stick up camera battery does charge in the back of the base hub. Perhaps the instructions could be more clear?

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@JamesE Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it onto the appropriate team. :slight_smile: