New Ring Alarm feature

As someone that really wanted the Ring Alarm to link to my camers sirens I have just noticed that this is now available. So when your alarm is triggered it will trigger the siren on your cameras. If you go to the base station in the app then link you will see (!) next to your camera that have sirens. It feel like a long time this has been requested. I thought I would share as I didn’t see anything about this new feature anywhere else.

Thank you Ring for listening.


As someone who really wants this functionality but doesn’t yet own any ring outdoor cameras can someone confirm that the siren is played automatically when the base station alarm goes off?

I don’t want to invest in the cameras until this is the case.

Also, can someone working for ring confirm this has been rolled out to everyone?

I’m in the UK and I tested it this morning with an indoor cam and stick up cam. Yes it does work. I triggered my alarm and both camera sirens came on (about a second or so delay).

Hope this helps.