New Plug in Stick up camera not recording in night mode

I have a Stick up camera in my house that that covers my kitchen, dinning room, and Family room. Twice in the last week we have had to come down stairs and walk into the kitchen to get milk for our baby. I have noticed that both times the camera has not recorded the motion. We walk right across the front on the camera, and it records perfectly with all the lights on. It is only not recording at night mode. Not only are we walking across the full path of the camera we are also opening the firdge and that light is turning on.

What kind of sercirty camera do you have when it does not record at night when most people are asleep?

As long as there is some light in the area, the Cam should definitely be recording. Our plugin powered devices utilize advanced motion, which detects actual movement within your drawn zones. Being that this is based off what the lens sees, rather than heat signatures, some environments may need more light to improve detection. Are you able to share a screenshot of what you’ve got for motion zones? I’ll be happy to help with recommendations!

This is how things look with lights on and off.

Thank you for those very helpful examples! The zone certainly covers what it needs to, however, I always recommend using multiple zones. Using 3 zones side by side, to cover the same area as your current one zone, allows for the potential emphasis on movement between seperate zones, especially at night or when dark.

If motion is still not picking up at night, try adding a small night light in the room, as well as testing this Cam on a lower shelf or surface, to see if height and lighting is a factor at night. I hope this helps!

Re: New Plug in Stick up camera not recording in night mode