New People Only mode - cannot turn it off

There is no way within the application to disable the feature. In the new features section, it allowed me to turn this on. But now there is no way to turn it off.

This option only appears in the new features section. The only buttons available say “got it” or the “x” close. None of them in that section have the option to turn off the feature.

When exploring the other settings menus, I have systematically written down and went through every branch of decision making. There is no way to turn off the feature.

I have also uninstalled the app and restarted my phone. Then I installed the app. Nothing changed.

What camera are you using? Also what app are you using? iPhone or Android.

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I can’t find how to turn the feature off either. It said it would be on dashboard screen, but it isn’t. I think it’s a glitch.

I think I found the way to turn off people only mode. I had set it ON for my Front Yard camera rather than my Front Door camera.

In the Ring Android app: Menu (upper left corner) --> Devices --> Security Cameras (Front Yard) --> Smart Alerts button (3 o’clock position) --> People Only Mode --> Switch to Off position.

To double-check that I only affected my Front Yard camera and not the other two that I had set ON, I navigated back to Menu, then New Features --> scrolled down to bottom under All Features --> People Only Mode for Battery Devices (feature enabled) --> Select Devices button --> Voila!! Only two devices enabled. Front Yard camera no longer enabled.



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