New “Modes” Setting to record motion but turn off alerts

I like to record everything outside, but I don’t need alerts on all my devices when I am home. Currently modes lets you turn off motion recording and alerts, or turn on motion recording and alerts. Why not make that two separate switches. One for motion recording and one for alerts.

We have ring chimes, and multiple phones, ipads, the pc app, all going off all the time when we are home and outside. Being able to turn off the alerts for all our outside cameras, but still record while we are home would be exactly what is needed for multi device households.

Currently I have to mute all my devices alerts separately and its a real pain. Especially the chime. That takes multiple steps and menus to get to it to snooze that device.


yes please , this make so much sense!

I’d love this feature please.

This makes so much sense. I would love to be able to record motion, and not have to hear the chime or alerts, while I’m at home.

My only option to do this is to set 4 hour blocks of motion snooze. There has to be a setting to record activity, but snooze motion without having to go to each camera individually.

Did you have a fix on this issue? I am facing the same issue but no response from anyone and couldn’t find the topic troubleshooting in google.

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Please, add this feature to one of the next updates… This would make this solution more “perfect” and competetive! br

Why doesn’t anyone reply on this from ring since more than a year??

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It seems like this would be pretty straightforward to implement without cluttering up the app. Please make this happen ring!

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