New Level Lock, not working with Doorbell Pro V3

I keep getting the error notification "Consider Installing a ring video doorbell pro (Gen 1)
I currently have a Gen 3 set up of the Video doorbell pro. And i keep going through the setup to get this error message and them taking me to the store to purchase a new doorbell.

I have sidewalk enabled. and both the doorbell and level lock are working great on their own.

Hi there, @kmurphpdx! It sounds like you are setting this up correctly. I recommend checking the compatibility of the lock to the Doorbell Pro model you have. You can check whether or not your Ring Video Doorbell Pro is compatible by looking at its serial number on the back of the device. If the serial number starts with “BHL3” or has “15N” in the serial number (example: GAM15N03109600JM) it is Sidewalk compatible today. If your Ring Video Doorbell Pro serial number starts with “BHL1” or “BHL2” Sidewalk is not compatible with those devices.

Check out our help center article for more tips and steps for setting up the level lock with your Video Doorbell Pro. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is pretty common with the ring app. Only specific doorbells are supported currently. I can’t setup the locks with my new Video Doorbell Pro 2 since I had an incompatible gen 1.

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