New iPhone!

Hi all, I upgraded my phone from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 14. When I log in to the ring app on my new phone it doesn’t show my devices. When I click on devices it asks me to set up a new one. Please help

Hi @user24003. I would be sure that you are are on the correct Location. You can confirm this by tapping your Location on the Ring app Dashboard (Center and top of screen) and selecting the correct Location from the drop down. Also, confirm that you are logging in with the same email that you used to setup your devices with.

Hey Tom,
I’m still at the same location and using the correct email address. I’ve double checked both but my devices are still not showing up on the app or when I log in to the website. I have also tried to call the Irish number in the ‘contact us’ section but it doesn’t work.

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks.

Hi @user24003. Have you tried setting up the devices? You may need to call the Irish number from a landline, and not a cellphone. If you are still unable to contact our support team, you can reach out to Ring on Twitter (@ring).

Hey Tom, when I try to set up the devices it says they are already set up: I’ll give twitter a go. Thanks for the help

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No problem @user24003. This would lead me to believe that the devices are registered under a different email. I would try an old email that they might be listed under. If not, our support team should be able to assist you.