New Indoor Security Cameras

I have recently purchased four of the new indoor security cameras (powered version) and all have setup easily. One of them though doesn’t update in the dashboard view and when Selecting the camera it seems to take forever to show the live view. I have the snapshot setting on for motion and set to 3 minutes and although it shows in the timeline when I scroll through it, it says footage unavailable! The Wi-Fi is good and has an RSSI of 39! Any thoughts?

Hey @clewispure, could you try doing a reset of the Camera? To do this, you will press and hold down the setup button for 30 seconds, and then after that time, give it a bit to boot back up. After that, observe it for the next 24 hours and see if the behavior is still the same.

HI Chelsea, I have tried this and no real improvement. Everytime I go into the camera, it doesn’t load up a live view, it does record motion, but in the dashboard the camera preview never updates. Any other ideas?



@clewispure I’m sorry to hear that this Camera still isn’t loading up your Live View. Would you be willing to remove the device from your account and re-set it up? Before you remove the device, please make sure that you have saved all videos in your event history that you will like, as removing it will delete all videos.

Once you are ready to do that, please remove it under Devices > Camera > Device Settings > General Settings > Remove this Device. Once removed, try another 30 second reset while plugged in. Then, go through another set up of the device and let me know how it’s behaving!

Hi Chelsea, I have tried removing, 30 second reset and re adding but it hasn’t improved anything unfortunately ?
It’s as though it keeps dropping the Wi-Fi connection although it says it has a good RSSI signal. I have another indoor camera only 2 metres away which is working as expected without any problems?!

@clewispure Thank you for giving that a try! Since you are still not having any success, it would be best to reach out to our support team here. They can take a deeper look into your account and the device to see what else there is to do to get it back up and running!