New house, existing ring system. 60 days to change owners?

I just moved into a new house where the previous owner left their Ring security and doorbell. I previously used SimpliSafe and thought I would give Ring a whirl since it was here.

I saw that Ring sends an email to the original owner if you try to register the device. I gave it a week, but they hadn’t removed it from their account. So I chatted with support, and they told me it shouldn’t be a problem to change owners since it has been over 72 hours. Just call support and they can get it changed over no problem.

It’s now been 3 weeks since we moved in and I just got around to calling (for good measure I tried to register the devices again first, but still can’t). After calling support, I was told they can only change owners if the system has been offline for 60 days. If I power the system on then it resets the timer.

Seriously Ring??! I have to go 60 days with no security system and have it powered off before you can do anything? I have seen other posts where the response is similar to the chat agent’s about 2 to 3 days. Is support so unwilling to help? are customer conversions from competitors just not important?

Is your issue not with the previous owner? Ring is just trying to protect against cams/security being taken over by a third party.

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Hi @Mortalmoss. This is a security protocol that we have in place to protect the privacy and security of all of our neighbors. There is not a way to override this. There may have been a misunderstanding, as the 60 day timer does not reset. Once the device has been offline for 60 days, the ownership can be changed. If you have the contact information of the previous owner, you can forward them this Help Center article here to help with this transition.

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I have the Ring in my door, 60 days already passed and I still can’t set up the Doorbell Ring. Contacted customer support and nothing done, just promises again to contact prior owner and etc.