New features ideas

  1. Problem:I have multiple doos to my house, each with a ring door bell. When someone rings at one of the bells, the chime sounds the same ring no matter which doorbell was pressed, we have to either check our phone to see which doorbell was pressed, if I’m not home or don’t have my phone with me, we have to check each door to see which doorbell got a visiter.

Solution: Have the chime sound different ring tones for different door bells (this is a feature that is enabled on the app to have my phone sound a different ring for different doors, but this feature is not available for when the chime sounds the ring. Additionally, I keep my phone on vibrate, so this doesn’t solve my problem)

  1. Problem: I have multiple chimes throughout my house, buy all chimes need a power source, if I’m at the backyard pool, I can’t hear the chime ringing in my house when I’m outside, and… I do not have a power outlet to plug in a chime outside.

Solution: Use cameras as chimes. The stickup cams have speakers to sound alarms or to talk into the cam, why not make that the stickup cams should serve as chimes. I have a few stickup cams outside surrounding my property, enabling selects stickup cams to sound a chime (and sounding different rings depending which doorbell was pressed) would solve the need for chimes altogether.

  1. Problem: when I talk into one of my 18 stickup cams throughout my house, my kids freak out.

Solution: add a feature to sound a small beep or alert so not to scare the person I’m trying to talk to. This can be done - similar to the “sound alarm” feature within the app.

  1. Problem: I can only install stickup cams within my router coverage area. Having a large property, I can’t install stickup cams in certain areas, due to it being far from my WiFi base.

Solution: add a WiFi extender feature in the stick up cams to serve as WiFi extenders. This may be using too much of the battery of the device, but I’m sure it can be programmed in a way that the extender gets activated only when the cam senses movement or is activated via the ring app, which should trigger the nearby cams to activate the “extender” feature just so the cam can be connected to and stream the footage or upload the footage to the system.

I have many more ideas to share, such as universal alert settings for doorbells rings vs alerts, doorbell alerts vs stickup cam alerts and more, should anyone in the Developement team find my ideas helpful.

Thank you