New app update breaks some features. How to get previous version?

Anyone installed the new Ring app and noticed “In-app” notifications breaks the live feed?

With the old version, the app would show Live Feed automatically when motion is detected. This was a cool feature. I have it running on an old iPad and when motion would be sensed, it would open live feed. Now, motion activates the Live Feed but there are two major problems.

Problem #1, video now displays on only one half of the screen and the other is taken up by a useless scrolling bar. Previously, video would be displayed on the entire screen.

Problem #2, live feed now errors out after a few minutes. It used to go back to the options screen and the cycle would be repeated if motion was detected. Not anymore.

How can I revert back to the previous app version or get a copy of the previous app?


I tried finding an older version for the iOS. I couldn’t find any way to do it unless it’s modified first. I don’t own any Apple products but I thought it would since Android does allow you to find and use older version of apps. Not the case with iOS that I can find.

Same here!! my old ipad 2 keeps on freezing now and I would like the old app back, that worked just fine…!

Did you ever happen to figure out a solution? I hate this new version.

nope. no response.

Hey neighbors! Many of our in app features can be customized through settings. If a feature does not have toggles or settings applied, it is a permanent feature and should be working as intended.

Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to see if this improves functionality. Please also ensure that bluetooth and VPN is disabled on your mobile device for intended results. We’ve also designed the Rapid Ring app to provide the quickest connection to live view.

If the above does not help to improve your experience with the new app, please reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. Feel free to share any further observations or results with the Community, as we value and share our neighbor’s feedback with our teams regularly. :slight_smile:

Can a ring just fix the app update, really not good enough. Do you even bug test before releasing or do you all have coronavirus

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You will need to have a device that runs an older version of IOS. I had an old iPod that ran IOS9 and when it installed the Ring App from the App store, the version was 5.22.1.

For me, I ran into a wifi setup (reconnect wifi) issue and the newest version is broken, but the older version was fine. Posted this earlier if of the bug I encountered:

I “updated” the app, but I didn’t want an entirely new app. I want the old one back.

I updated the app on my Mac yesterday and the new app no longer has the feature to snooze the chime.

Very poor on the part of the Ring app developers.

Now if I could find an old version to install and never use the update again.

Update: found an old version in my downloads folder dated Feb 2020 and its installed and now have all functions restored including the ability to snooze the Chime.