Neither wireless nor wifi bells work!

I have tried several doorbells and all fail to work. I suspect it is because I have a metal door. Note, All the bells work with the button and the chimes are in the same room. Nothing works when I try with the bell outside the door – despite a 5 bar wifi signal!

There has to be a bell that doesn’t require these options, but I can’t find one.

Hi @DocTerry. This does sound like this is the case, since there is too much interference from your metal door. Are you able to mount the Doorbell onto a piece of wood that can go outside of your door, and it still work, or does it seem to still have a hard time connecting through the door? If so, you may want to look into getting wifi extender to see if this helps the connection become stable and function through the door. Feel free to share any DIY solutions you find! :slight_smile:

Thanks, but NOTHING seems to help–and trying to find a non-wireless or non-wifi bell is proving elusive!