Neighbors community post

I’ve had multiple neighbors post denied due to going against the guidelines. I read the guidelines and can’t find a single rule that was broken. I reached out to the neighbor teams and got an auto response. I asked for more details but haven’t got anymore responses. That was 10 days ago… I’ve never experienced such complete disregard and disrespect as a paying customer. Who can I talk to to get the requested information and report a department that’s completely ignoring customers?

If your post gets removed from the Neighbors App, you will receive an email regarding this. Please respond to the email asking for clarification on why your post was removed. In the meantime, please review the Neighbors App guidelines.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, we will certainly share this experience with the appropriate teams here. Please note that this is the Ring Community, a neighbor to neighbor public forum, and is not the same nor is monitored by the Neighbors by Ring team.