Neighborhood Location Update

My neighborhood app is still showing my old location for my shared users, however it did update for my owner account. How do I update it for my shared users as well? Tried removing them and re-adding them as users and also looked for if it was linked to any other location after tapping Nearby Incidents, but there was nothing else to toggle.

Hi @Tamjid. Could you have your shared users uninstall the Ring app from their phone, reboot their phone and then reinstall the Ring app? Please ensure that they have location permissions enabled, and once they do have them go back into the Neighbors app section and see if there is another location that would be the new one.

If they still do not have the correct location, I have a work around for them to do in their app! We are going to pretend we are creating a new location/setting up a new device, but will not finish this setup, and this should give them an additional neighborhood to pick from. I’ll outline these steps for you, and my apologises in advance as this may seem like a lot:

  • Go into your Ring app and open the Main Menu, and then select Set Up A Device
  • Select Doorbells, Scan Code, and tap the question mark at the bottom right
  • Tap on “I’ve tried scanning, and it’s not working”
  • Select Ring Video Doorbell and then Help Me Find PIN Code
  • Tap on No PIN Code and then Create a New Location, and then Create New Location again to confirm
  • From here, type in the address exactly how you did on your phone when changing the address and then hit continue
  • Confirm this address and then hit cancel at the top right of the next page
  • It’ll ask if you’re sure, and we are, so go ahead and tap on YES
  • From here, go back into your Shared location where you see the devices, and navigate to the Dashboard

From the Dashboard, tap on Nearby Incidents and then at the top left if it says the old address, can they select that and then toggle to one that should says the new address? Let me know if this works!