Neighbor Troubles

Hi all,

My husband and I have been having a lot of difficulty with our neighbors across the street from us. Many things have been going on for several years but what is happening most recently is there are several teens/young adults who are living in the house on their own. The run a dirt bike up and down our street for hours on end. We have a baby and are working from home due to the quarantine. We said something to them a few days ago asking them to be considerate of others and the fact that we have a baby, working from home now etc. Unfortunately nothing has changed. The other neighbors around us don’t seem to be bothered by any of this. What should we/can we do? Help!!

Welcome, @CountryNeighbor. The Community is a place for positive peer to peer interaction where neighbors can share experiences, advice, and ideas with other neighbors. There may be some neighbors here with recommendations for your situation, however, depending on the nature of the activity your described, the Neighbors by Ring app might be the best place to share this. The Neighbors app allows you to share neighborhood activity with other neighbors in your area.

If your concern is with safety or security, adding additional cameras or Ring devices will always help to accomplish an efficient “Ring of security”. Feel free to check back in to see if other neighbors shared any suggestions with you. :slight_smile: