Neighbor of the Month - September 2020

Hi neighbors, we are excited to announce our September 2020 neighbor of the month!

Neighbor of the month is our continued way of showcasing a neighbor who has actively participated in the Community in a positive way and thank them for all their efforts. Whether they’re sharing their experience or starting a new discussion, these neighbors give helpful tips and feedback whenever they can.

@MWC44 has been selected as our Community neighbor of the month for September 2020. Thank you for all the support and positive insights you have added to the Community! Same as every month, we have a special set of questions for them to answer. Check out @MWC44s answers below to get to know your fellow neighbor a bit better!

  • How did you first hear about Ring?
    Television commercials.

  • How long have you been a Ring neighbor?
    Approximately 2 years.

  • How many Ring devices do you have?
    3 in total. Ring Doorbell 2, Ring Spotlight Cam, and Ring Solar Panel. (4 if you count the extra battery in the Spotlight Cam)

  • Which Ring device is your favorite and why?
    The Spotlight Cam because it allows me to see the majority of the front of my home, via the live view, when I’m away or, even out of the country.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how “smart” is your home?

  • What type of smart phone and router do you use with your Ring devices?
    iPhone/iPad and Xfinity.

  • Have you had any positive, and/or funny Ring stories? If so, what happened?
    Nothing funny, just happy that I can monitor my home from anywhere in the world.

  • What is your favorite feature about your Ring device?
    The Live View and the Solar Panel on my Spotlight Cam.

  • And for a fun question: What is your favorite dessert?
    Don’t even have to think about this one… Rocky Road Ice Cream!

Thanks again for being an awesome neighbor, @MWC44! Let us and the Community know how you like your Ring swag care package.


Hi @MWC44 ,

Congratulations !!!

Hmmmmmmmm, Rocky Road Ice Cream . . . . I agree that’s good stuff! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Thank you, Ring, for selecting me as the September Neighbor of the Month.

My “Swag Package” arrived last week. Absolutely incredible. All the goodies, and best of all, the Solar Warning Sign??? SWEET!!! It’s already up in the front of my house and it works great!

Again, THANK YOU for selecting me, and the incredible gifts. As they say, “You really didn’t have to, but I’m glad you did!”

Stay safe and stay well friends!

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