Neighbor of the Month- September 2019

Hi neighbors, we are excited to announce our second neighbor of the month!

Neighbor of the month is our continued way of showcasing a neighbor who has actively participated in the Community in a positive way and thank them for all their efforts. Whether they’re sharing their experience or starting a new discussion, these neighbors give helpful tips and feedback whenever they can.

@veener79 has been selected as our Community neighbor of the month for September 2019. Thank you for being such a positive and engaging Community neighbor! Same as last month, as a way for us all to get to know each other better, we have a special set of questions for @veener79 to answer.

How did you first hear about Ring?

– I think it was on TV with the Shaq commercials if I remember right.

How many Ring devices do you have?

– I think too much. LOL I have 6 security cameras for outside and inside my house, 1 Pro Doorbell Camera, 3 chimes, and a Security system with 19 items attached to the base. Almost all of this was bought during the last two years of Amazon Prime days.

Which Ring device is your favorite and why?

– This is hard, but I would say my Pro Doorbell. Reason being it was my first Ring device, and because of how much I liked the Ring software, hardware, and customer support it got me to sell my Arlo camera’s and replace them with Ring cameras this year.

On a scale of 1-10, how “smart” is your home?

– 7 I have a lot of smart items down to even Christmas lights, but I can’t justify some of the over top smart items for the kitchen and larger house items.

What type of smart phone and router do you use with your Ring devices?

–LG android phones and a Asus router.

Have you had any success stories? If so, what happened?

– About a month after installing my outdoor Ring Cameras the camera on the side of the house picked up someone going into my Neighbor’s yard between our houses at about 4am. Soon as the light turned on the person turned around and ran back to the street. I do not know what they were doing for sure, but I downloaded the video and shared it to my neighbor. She said how happy she was that I installed the cameras.

What is your favorite feature about your Ring device?

– The software, it is easy to use and makes it easy to setup your devices. I have my cameras, my alarm system, and even my door lock all in one place. It is so nice to have everything in one spot.

And for a fun question: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

– Ben & Jerry’s phish food.

Thanks again for being a great neighbor, @veener79 ! Let us and the Community know how you like your Ring swag :smiley:


Thank you so much for the care package! I love it! Also our daughter loves the ball. She is having fun tossing it around the house.


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