Neighbor of the Month - November 2019

Hi neighbors, we are excited to announce our fourth neighbor of the month!

Neighbor of the month is our continued way of showcasing a neighbor who has actively participated in the Community in a positive way and thank them for all their efforts. Whether they’re sharing their experience or starting a new discussion, these neighbors give helpful tips and feedback whenever they can.

@eagle328 has been selected as our Community neighbor of the month for November 2019. Thank you for being such a positive and knowledgeable Community neighbor! Same as every month, as a way for us all to get to know each other better, we have a special set of questions for @eagle328 to answer.

How did you first hear about Ring?

– I first heard about Ring on Shark Tank many years ago. What a story that turned out to be… LoL. But I really was interested when I started to see the devices and reviews on multiple tech sites.

How many Ring devices do you have?

– I have the following devices:

  • 1 Ring doorbell 2
  • 3 New indoor cams
  • 1 New outside plug cam
  • 1 wired flood light
  • 1 wired outside stick up cam 2 gen
  • 2 Ring Chimes
  • 1 Ring Chime Pro
  • 1 Ring alarm system with a keypad, 3 motion sensors, multiple door and window sensors, and an extender.
  • 1 Ring bridge
  • 10 path lights
  • 1 floodlight battery
  • 2 spotlight battery
  • 1 monition detector

Which Ring device is your favorite and why?

– My alarm system I would have to say but everything else is a close 2nd. My alarm gives me peace of mind when I’m not home and when I’m home. I was robbed while my child at the time and myself were asleep. They got in through my bathroom window and then proceeded to steal money and stuff. I woke up to my front door being open and stuff gone. My Son and I could have been hurt. So my alarm is my top device.

On a scale of 1-10, how “smart” is your home?

I’m a tech enthusiast at heart. So I love to be the first to try everything. I have an Alexa system and a Google home system. So my scale number would be a 9.

What type of smart phone and router do you use with your Ring devices?

– I have many phones, LG V8, Motorola Z4, One + 7T, Pixel 3A XL. My router is a Verizon FiOS but I also use an older Google Home router as well.

Have you had any success stories? If so, what happened?

– Tech wise, I would say being invited to join an elite group of people who volunteered their time to help others in a support forum for Motorola phones many years ago. Of course I’ve had other successes in my life but tech wise, this would be on my list top.

What is your favorite feature about your Ring device?

– My favorite feature… There are so many I really can’t say. But I guess the ability to know what’s going on in my home or around my home while I’m not there with the use of my phone stands out.

And for a fun question: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

– I like chocolate and vanilla equally. My 2 favorites!

Thanks again for being an awesome neighbor, @eagle328! Let us and the Community know how you like your Ring swag care package


Thanks so very much. I’m honored. I enjoy helping others when I can. The community is a great place to learn and be able to help others at the same time. I haven’t received my swag yet but I see it’s coming. Just wanted to acknowledge the post. I’ll post back after I receive the swag. Thanks again. Looking forward to continuing to help and learn more in the future. Thanks once again!

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I got my swag box yesterday! Thanks for everything! My dog claimed the Ring ball from me. She’s keeping it for herself. She’s letting me have the rest. Thanks again!