Neighbor of the Month - May 2020

Hi neighbors, we are excited to announce our May 2020 neighbor of the month!

Neighbor of the month is our continued way of showcasing a neighbor who has actively participated in the Community in a positive way and thank them for all their efforts. Whether they’re sharing their experience or starting a new discussion, these neighbors give helpful tips and feedback whenever they can.

@Murray has been selected as our Community neighbor of the month for May 2020. Thank you for all the support and positive insights you have added to the Community! Same as every month, we have a special set of questions for them to answer. Check out @Murray’s answers below to get to know your fellow neighbor a bit better!

  • How did you first hear about Ring?

I was looking to add some security to our home and spent a few months in early 2016 looking at the various options. There were many Doorbells on the market, but Ring stood out based on function vs running cost. Ring was not readily available via retail shops at the time in the UK, but luckily a neighbour had a Video Doorbell (v1) installed so we could see what it looked like.

  • How long have you been a Ring neighbour?

I installed my first Ring Doorbell in July 2016 and have never looked back.

  • How many Ring devices do you have?

We now have 10 assorted Ring doorbell/cameras, with 2 chimes, and now the Ring Alarm as well.

  • Which Ring device is your favorite and why?

The new Indoor Cam - this little cam is very versatile and so easy to use for a lot of monitoring tasks.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how “smart” is your home?

I would say 6… we have all the usual controllable lights, plugs, heating, remotes, music, etc. But I am not sure how smart they all are, as they seem to rely on me!

  • What type of smart phone and router do you use with your Ring devices?

We are an iOS household, so use iPhone and iPads for controlling the Ring devices. The network is a Google WiFi Mesh which handles over 70 attached devices with ease, on a 70Mpbs Down / 16Mpbs Up ISP connection.

  • Have you had any positive, and/or funny Ring stories? If so, what happened?

The neighbours have shared videos as we now have a number that have Ring on our street. The strangest thing caught on our cams, was on my Ring Pro doorbell that captured a slow police chase as it crawled past - one family people carrier pursued by 14 police cars!

  • What is your favorite feature about your Ring device?

That would be the ability to draw up to 3 motion zones on wired Ring models, to set where movement is valid to trigger a motion event.

  • And for a fun question: What is your favorite dessert?

Easy, if I can get it, New Zealand Hokey Pokey ice cream.

Thanks again for being an awesome neighbor, @Murray! Let us and the Community know how you like your Ring swag care package.