Neighbor of the Month - July 2020

Hi neighbors, we are excited to announce our July 2020 neighbor of the month!

Neighbor of the month is our continued way of showcasing a neighbor who has actively participated in the Community in a positive way and thank them for all their efforts. Whether they’re sharing their experience or starting a new discussion, these neighbors give helpful tips and feedback whenever they can.

@Boone has been selected as our Community neighbor of the month for July 2020. Thank you for all the support and positive insights you have added to the Community! Same as every month, we have a special set of questions for them to answer. Check out Boone’s answers below to get to know your fellow neighbor a bit better!

  • How did you first hear about Ring?

Several years ago, my daughter gave me a Ring Video Doorbell 2 (now an older version). It has been functioning well this whole time. It is hardwired to my doorbell’s existing house-chime electrical power. In my Ring box was everything I needed, including:

  • Removable, rechargeable snap-in battery pack.

  • Satin Nickel & Venetian Faceplates (I use the Satin Nickel).

  • Adapter plate (I did need this).

  • Wedge & Corner Kits (I did need the ‘Tilt Down’ wedge).

  • Security Sticker, installation tools & screws, and a USB changing cord.
    It was a nice, and very complete package. Before receiving this Doorbell gift, I had seen the Ring TV commercials and my initial impression was that it was kind of an expensive, novelty item. But after installing this Video Doorbell, then I was enlightened as to what a very useful & cool gift it was.

  • How long have you been a Ring neighbor?

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 was a 2018 Christmas gift from my daughter. After I installed it, I started with the annual $30 Basic Plan so that the video recordings would be stored & available. I really liked my Ring Video Doorbell 2 and its features (my favorite is the Snapshot Capture Feature that was introduced earlier this year). For many years I have had a house security system, but it was lacking in some areas (lacked a video capability). I wanted a newer security system.

Although I’ve had the Ring Video Doorbell for two years now, I was unaware of the online “Ring Community Neighborhood” website. After a lot of online research, comparing other system capabilities and costs, I started purchasing the complete Ring Security System, and then did join (June 2020) the online Ring Community Neighborhood. I find it is a very valuable information source. I liked how people shared their new ideas to Ring, and I have noticed how Ring has incorporated many of the posted suggestions. Also, the Community provides valuable solutions with troubleshooting issues, which other Ring owners have already encountered (I’ve used several solutions myself for issues that I have had).

In total, seven major factors convinced me to switch completely over to a Ring security system:
1.) The June 2020 “Father’s Day” Discount Sale on many Ring devices.
2.) The additional 10% discount & increased warranty & Professional Alarm Monitoring that comes with the upgraded, annual $100 Plus Plan.
3.) The 20% Military Discount (that is additive to the Plus Plan discount). Thank you! I am a retired USAF Fighter Pilot.
4.) I already owned a Ring Video Doorbell that would integrate seamlessly into the security system.
5.) Video recording capability.
6.) Ability to access the security system via my smartphone.
7.) Professional Monitoring service at a lower cost than my previous system.

  • How many Ring devices do you have?

I own 33 Ring devices. I purchased a total of 34 (I gave away a Video Doorbell as a gift).

  • 1 Video Doorbell 2
  • 3 Stick-Up (Generation 2) Plug-In Cam
  • 4 Indoor Cam
  • 1 Alarm Base Station
  • 1"First Alert" Z-Wave Smoke & CO Alarm Detector
  • 2 Alarm Key Pads (2nd Gen)
  • 1 Panic Button
  • 2 Alarm Range Extender (2nd Gen)
  • 7 Alarm Motion Detectors (2nd Gen)
  • 10 Alarm Contact Sensors (2nd Gen)
  • 1 Dome Siren

As a gift, I bought:

  • 1 Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

  • Which Ring device is your favorite and why?

Tough to decide, but I would have to say my Video Doorbell. It was the first and longest of the Ring devices that I own, and it is what started me on my way with Ring products. Although, the Indoor Cams are a very close 2nd favorite, and the Stick-Up Cams would be third. So, I guess the devices with Video capability features are my favorite.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how “smart” is your home?

I would say a 6. Among ‘smart’ devices in my home, I like items that allow me control via my smart phone. In addition to my Ring devices, my house Heating/Air Conditioners, my clothes Washer & Dryer, and a few other devices, can all be controlled with my smartphone.

I’m still avoiding devices like “Echo” and other smart devices that listen all day long … in the privacy of my home … a bit creepy for my taste. I am very pleased that I can control which Indoor Cams are recording while I am present at home. I set the Indoor Cam that is located in the primary living area to be inactive while in Disarmed Mode.

  • What type of smart phone and router do you use with your Ring devices?

I own an Android smartphone but my other family members all own Apple smartphones. My service provider, AT&T U-Verse, installed a Pace Router, Model: 5268AC FXN with 5 GHz 802.11ac 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz 802.11n 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi.

  • Have you had any positive, and/or funny Ring stories? If so, what happened?

Yes! An Indoor Cam captured our pet dog while he was curious about the 15 feet of ‘Bubble-Wrap’ that was laid out across the floor, like a long carpet runner. The wrapping material was rolled out because I was going to wrap and box up an item for mailing. Then the dog attempted to walk to the other side of the room, but accidentally stepped on one end of the Bubble-Wrap. Of course it popped, which scared the dog and he tried to get away. He chose an escape route that was down the whole of the length of the Bubble-Wrap. Every paw step popped more bubbles, scaring him more and more. It was funny watching him attempt to hop away…popping all the way. We nicknamed the event as the “Doggy Bubble-Dance.”

There are weird events too. Like when the Ring Doorbell alerted & woke us at 3am to “Motion at your door” and it actually scared us when we viewed the giant bug crawling into view all over the lens. It looked like a Godzilla offspring, although it probably was only an inch in size.

But of course the main positive thing is the ‘peace of mind’ with the Ring Alarm system, and the added benefit to control and ‘Look & See’ video on our phones while we are away.

  • What is your favorite feature about your Ring device?

Added Security with the ability to control & view remotely with a smartphone.

  • And for a fun question: What is your favorite dessert?

Ah, an easy question! Warm Pumpkin Pie!

Thanks again for being an awesome neighbor, @Boone! Let us and the Community know how you like your Ring swag care package.





Thank you! I didn’t even knew there was such a thing as “Neighbor of the Month” until I was contacted.

Once I was aware, I checked it out. I saw that you too are a “Neighbor of the Month” in November 2019, so my belated Congradulations to you! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Have a great weekend!


:slight_smile: Thank you

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@Chelsea_Ring , @Caitlyn_Ring , @Jennifer_Ring ,



Hey Thanks guys for selecting me and sending the wonderful box of “Ring Swag!”

I appreciate the Ring Solar Security Sign, Community Bag, Koozie, Ball, Socks, and Lapel Pin. They’re pretty awesome!

I’ve attached pictures of my dog Oliver who did the “Doggy Bubble Dance” (from the answer in my above questionnaire). Every time we re-watch that video, captured by the Ring Indoor Camera, we laugh so hard. (Sorry, I didn’t attach that video … the room was a mess and I still hadn’t taken a shower yet … embarrassing).

But Thanks again!!! :slight_smile:


@Chelsea_Ring , @Caitlyn_Ring , @Jennifer_Ring ,



Two more Oliver pics. LOL

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Can I nominate Oliver as the Ring Community mascot ?!

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@Boone It’s the infamous Oliver from the Doggy Bubble Dance! The second picture of his face is just too adorable. :joy_cat: Happy to see he seems to like the swag just as much as you do! :heart:

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@Jennifer_Ring wrote:

Can I nominate Oliver as the Ring Community mascot ?!

A Ring Mascot? Well, Oliver will do just about anything for a doggy treat! LOL

@Chelsea_Ring, yes, he is quite an adorable, funny character! He is still afraid of bubble-wrap. Oliver does like the swag and I’ll probably never get the Ring Stress-Ball back from him. He’s claimed the ball for himself! :slight_smile:


Sharing a picture of Winston, my dog :slight_smile:


Pictures of Oliver, who did the “Doggy Bubble-Dance” with the Ring Swag



Sorry for posting sad news, but just a bit before this Christmas, my dog Oliver passed away. He was over 16 years old and a loved part of our family. Beside having many photographs of him, we will always have the funny Ring video of him hopping down the length of the bubble wrapping on the floor, in his flawed attempt to escape the scary popping bubbles that his paws were popping.

Here is a picture of his memorial that now hangs on our wall, with his picture, a lock of his hair, paw prints, and his favorite chew toy teddy bear.


Such a sweet memorial of a collection of all things Oliver! Sending lots of love your way for your loss, @Boone! :heart: :dog: I know you gave him the best life he could’ve had!


So sorry to hear about Oliver, @Boone :cry: Definitely agree on what @Chelsea_Ring said, and I know you gave him a wonderful life! I’m sure he is up in doggy heaven with my pup Bandit, who passed away just over a year ago :heart: :heart: