Need warranty help with batteries.

I previously reached out to your support group by phone 12/09/2019 regarding issues with my batteries dying quickly after replacing.

I was escalated to a higher level tech “Tylor R.”. He was able to verify that my batteries were showing 100% and then within a day dropping at an extensive rate. He shared some screen shots showing the battery drain on multiple devices. It would start at 100% and drop to 10% in 5 days on some or start at 100% then drop to 40% for 2 weeks then fall off. It appeared to be the batteries and not the devices as each one was behaving differently.

After speaking to Tylor extensively that day it was agreed that I would monitor the batteries and try to isolate which batteries may be defective. Once I have determined it they would be replaced under warranty. I have since done that and currently have 10 batteries that are “dropping off” quickly after charging and placing into the devices.

I called and spoke to a rep on I believe 05/01/2020. I explained everything in detail and what Tylor and I had discussed. I had asked if I could speak to him or someone who is at a higher level to help move this along. He insisted he could help me and would be warranting my batteries.

Well, I received 2 batteries. Needless to say it hasn’t helped the situation as I still have defective batteries causing issues. I also wanted to make sure to follow up with a higher level tech so that we could use the 2 known “working” batteries" in each set of devices to see if there is truly nothing wrong with them which Tylor and I discussed.

Needless to say Im not impressed with the life of these devices nor the support I have received with the exception of Tylor. He listened and helped. Everyone else I have encountered it feels like Im being fed canned responses in an attempt to push me off further. After reading the forums there is clearly issues with your products as i have read multiple posts about battery failures.

I am hoping someone can reach out to me. I have left negative feedback regarding the performance of these cameras and doorbells on Amazon and several other sites along with my experience with “support”.

Could someone please reach out to me? I have spent a lot of money on your products and should not be having this many problems.

Just so you know this is what I have currently installed at my house.

3 x Spotlight Cam

4 x LED Battery CAM

2 x LED Battery CAM (Not installed yet)

2 x Video Doorbell 2

1 x Video Doorbell 2 (Not installed)

2 x Ring Chime

1 x Ring Chime Pro

1 x Ring Chime Pro (Not installed)

10 x Spare Ring Batteries

PLEASE!! Someone help me!

Hey @CBFree. I would love to follow up on this accordingly with you, and see if we can get you in touch with that agent you have previously spoken to. I want to ensure you get this follow up, so is it okay if we contact you via the email address you use for Community? Let me know if this is okay!

In addition, I would like to clear up another concern you have mentioned in your post. Please note that batteries are not covered by our warranty, which you can review here. Under this warranty, you will read under what is not covered, that “…consumable parts (including batteries) are not covered by this warranty.” I wanted you to have this information in mind when we look over this concern you had in the past for now, but regardless we still want to follow up on this for you. It’s possible the previous agent may have made a special accommodation for you to get you these spare batteries. Let me know when you can if it’s okay for us to reach out to you via email for a followup! Hope to hear back from you soon. :slight_smile: