Need help with the hardwiring the video doorbell

I have a video doorbell (2nd generation). I have a mechanical(ding dong)doorbell With runs on 230V Rating. I am aware of how to wire the ring doorbell to a transformer(how to hardwire the ring doorbell )but I am unable to understand or contemplate how to wire the ring doorbell to the 220v mechanical doorbell as I am guessing the ring will give an output only upto 24V which is obviously not enough for the 220V mechanical doorbell

I looked for a doorbell but couldn’t find any doorbell running on 16-24VAC. I live in India and here all doorbells run directly off the 230V rating
Any help would be much appreciated
I have beginner level knowledge about electrical

I also have a 2nd gen chime but the loudness is not enough to cover the entire apartment so if there is any other way to increase the loudness of the chime besides buying more of the ring chime would be appreciated

Ps: the ring chime volume setting is at 100%

Glad you came to the Community @Dharmil! The rating of your internal chime kit sounds far too high to power both itself and the Pro. As you know the Ring Pro requires 16 to 24 VAC to operate, and input voltage from your home would be far too much power. The best first step here is to check the compatibility of this chime kit on our Chime Compatibility list. It is likely that this chime is not compatible, which means you would not be able to operate it with the Doorbell Pro, nor power the Pro with it.

If this is the case, a standard 16 to 24 VAC transformer would need to be installed for powering the Pro. As for a chime sound in your home, we’ve designed the Ring Chime for scenarios such as this one. As you are in India, it looks like we do not ship to your region at this time, and there may not be a plug adapter available for the Chime device. If this is so, you should be able to obtain a chime kit listed on the aforementioned compatibility list. When installing a new power supply, we recommend consulting with a licensed electrician. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi… I would have a similar problem soon. I have got the Ring Video doorbell 2020 edition with echo show as a gift from my friend in USA. I was going through videos and while it looks very simple to install in USA, I need some guidance for India. Our chimes run on direct 220 V Supply and I would like to hard wire the doorbell to forget about charging issues and would also love if the existing chime rings with the doorbell. Is there a way? or should I just rely on its sync with echo show for ringing. Also how long does the battery last in case hard wiring does not work?

You will need to get an AC doorbell transformer that is between 8V and 24V. you would need to install this before your chime, so everything past that point is low voltage. Its likely you will still be able to use your existing chime, but it may be quieter.

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