need help with ring video doorbell pro setup

I got the ring video doorbell pro from the USA.

does the video doorbell require any adapters to set up in India?

does the video door bell pro supports 220 – 240 V?

Need help with the setup

Glad you asked @abhishek! The video Doorbell Pro requires a 16 to 24 VAC transformer to operate. The voltage you’ve supplied is your home’s input voltage which is far too high for operating a Doorbell Pro and would need a transformer installed. Depending on where you obtained your Doorbell Pro, it may have come with a EU suitable transformer, but if it did not we recommend consulting with a license electrician for safe and proper installation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response.

can you please share the link to the suitable transformers required for the doorbell to operate.

Also can you please share the video for the doorbell setup with a transformer.