Need help wiring my Doorbell pro. (lithuania).

I have zero to none experience in wiring and electronic and i really dont have anyone that could help me install this but this forum :slight_smile:
Ive tried installing my ring doorbell but it just seems no power is going to it? Am i connecting the chain wrong?
Some pics of doorbell and ring connections below. Can you explain me how to wire them? Ps. I connect the ring doorbell to blue and brown wires aswell as the chime as shown in pics.

Hey @Yarodao ! We’re happy to help where we can. Could you also provide us with a picture of your low voltage transformer? Did you receive an EU version of Pro with the Transformer included?

Keep in mind that the house main voltage in Lithuania is 220V and considered high voltage, we recommend hiring an electrician for installing a transformer and wiring. Looking forward to your response! :slight_smile: