Need help before I buy

I’m looking at getting 2 of the Ring doorbell pro’s. I did have existing door bell wiring, but the old mechinal chime died along time ago… ect… anyway, I wanted to get the 2 pro door bells and wire to the existing wires, and then replace the old trasformer with the Ring one… so

1st. I can hook both pro door bells to the transformer correct?
2nd. since the old chime box is gone… (I plan to get the RingChime pro plug in one anyway) am I good to just hook the 2 door bells to the transformer? I looked up the instructions for the transformer and it’s says for the pro door bell and existing chime box. (pasted that below).

Note: This transformer is only for use with
both a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and a 16-24
volt AC doorbell chime. To power a Ring Pro
on its own, try the Ring Plug-in Adapter.

Also, I did just find this… Wiring Diagrams for Ring Video Doorbell Pro Setup – Ring Help

So I need 2 of these “power pro kits” haven’t found them on the site yet…

Hi @kendawg73. It looks like you’ve done the proper research for this! That is the correct article for what you are trying to accomplish. The Pro Power Kit is included with the Ring Pro, so there is no need to search for this separately. The Ring Transformer is also perfect for this combination. I hope this information helps.