Need details about the motion algorithm...

There are sevreral settings. There’s the distance to the street question. There’s the street car question. There’s the frequency update question. There’s the smart motion setting to automatically clip videos. And there’s the distance slider. I guess I’d like to know how each of these affect when a video is recorded. Especially I want to know if the blue ring on the slider is where the motion has to be to trigger things. I tried different settings. With some, I was getting some motion that isn’t triggering, and want to know how it all works without spending years of random trial and error.

Great questions @jasontaylor7! I’ll start with saying that trial and error is truly the best way as every environment can differ. These details about motion can certainly help you with that endeavor.

Motion frequency is intended to save battery and prevent excessive alerts if your device is mounted in a high traffic area. Setting this to frequent will result in the most frequent rate of detection possible, leaving little time between motion events if they are constant.

Zones and sensitivity are there to ensure the area and approaching areas are covered. Our battery powered Video Doorbells utilize a motion PIR which will detect heat signatures. Vehicles, humans, animals, and event heating exhaust vents can trigger this motion depending on their location in reference to your motion zone field of view.

For a visual on how these zones work, check out our Community post about motion. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley_Ring. On the one hand, it is nice to at least get some sort of a reply. On the other hand, I had already read that url’s content prior to posting, so it didn’t answer any of my questions. The burning question I have is about the blue line. If nobody knows the answer to it, my choice is NOT, as you proposed, to spend a million years doing the trial and error you propose. I already said that. It is, rather, to return the unit and get a different unit from a different company that has technology that the company representatives actually understand well enough to explain to the users.