Need better phone alarm - keep making noise until I acknowledge!

So you get a notification on your phone when the alarm goes off, but all it is is single chirp or whatever you have it set to. It’s certainly not going to wake me up or get my attention if something else is going on.

What I want is something that will keep making noise until I acknowledge it. Is there anyway to do that?

Hi @VirtualRing. I would suggest using an Amazon Alexa. This Help Center article here will have information on how to create a routine. With a routine, you can control what sound is played and what volume it’s played at. This should help wake you up. :grinning:

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So I tried that, and it doesn’t work. Alexa seems my devices, and I added a routine to play a sound when my motion sensor is triggered. I did all that, but when my motion sensor triggers, nothing happens with Alexa.

How do I debug this? I don’t see any way to look at Alexa logs to see if it’s looking for a notification or if Ring sent it one.

Hi @VirtualRing, happy to chime in here. It depends on what you’re looking for. Are you trying to have Alexa give you a notification or announcement every time one of your Motion Detectors detects motion, or do you want it to give you a notification if your Ring Alarm is triggered? You can use the Play Alarm Sounds feature to play security chirps and sirens from your Ring Alarm system on your Alexa-enabled Echo device. As for Routines, you may need to play around with the different options Alexa has when creating a Routine.