Nee Power Settings section on app Glitchy/broken

I installed the new updated app yesterday which introduced “power settings”… yesterday got a notification saying I needed to charge… my phone is iPhone 11

I bought this February 2020… it’s first charge after that was February 2021…

So I did the thing where I took it off charged it… full blue light of charge… even though when I plugged it in there was only 1 blue ring section flashing and the rest was fully lit (indicating it didn’t actually need a charge)

But I left it overnight. Put it up. The app didn’t update to show a charged battery like last time. Scoured the internet , internet said press the bell a few times and it will up date, did that… went back to my phone green battery with little Z in the middle on app device page… went to power settings and it still said 20%… thought it was a glitch, left it for a bit…

Went back on app device a couple hours later device symbol back to a red half filled battery… went back down… dinged the bell sure enough back on phone it was a green full battery with a Z in the middle… but the new power setting says 20% now with annoying pop up telling me that it’s low and adjust settings… but then back on device settings shows a full green battery…

Check on husbands android phone… his little battery symbol is a red full battery with a charging Z on it , his power settings say 20%…

So following all advice from ring people on here etc, I’ve hard started both phones, uninstalled and reinstalled app, reset the WiFi network, done everything.

At the moment my little battery on the device app is green. Both device health reports indicate on my phone “power levels are undefined” on husbands phone “power levels are good” (but he has the red full battery charging symbol)

Both indicators in new power settings say 20%

There’s no answers anywhere and what look like Rings total unacceptable denial of a problem that originated from them… I’m frightened that the device won’t believe it’s own battery and listen to that 20% malarkey and shut down!

Your NEW power setting option is glitched and needs fixing!! It happened the day I
Updated the ring app!! Cause and effect!!

If my doorbell shuts down I’ll not buy ring anything again!! Fix your app and “new power setting”

Hi @KathyBell. I suggest resetting your Doorbell to see if that will cause it to reflect the correct battery status. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Once this is complete, you can reconnect it to wifi. This should cause your battery status to update after the next event. I hope this helps.