MyQ integration with Ring app

Thanks everyone for keeping this thread alive. Eagerly waiting for MyQ integration with Ring App in Canada and also there should be direct home shortcut on Ring App to open/close garage door with ease. MyQ app hangs a lot and sometimes even i am connected on internet it says no internet available. I hope Ring community team is taking us seriously and have this integration in their pipeline.

Glad to see after 20 different Google search re-arrangements my suspicions were confirmed. This is such BS tbh. Some technicality, or some engineer on a different regions team just forgot to add it, and it’s taken a YEAR to update? I just got a new smart garage door today. How on earth has it not been updated to work with Myq yet?

Any update? I find my self in the same situation.

An honest answer from RING as to why this is not available would be a nice gesture. Please provide us with something digestible.


What’s going on. So i just got everything installed and setup and the two systems don’t work together as advertised. Wonder if this is something for the BBB?

MyQ works just fine in the United States. If you are in Canada it doesn’t work which is what Ring has said previously.

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Yeah this is horrible - I just “upgraded” to a ring alarm and even my archaic app had this integration years ago - other than just wait for an update that says this is added why can’t ring give us a straight answer as to why we don’t have this feature in Canada. I assume it’s because they are being cheap and don’t want to pay money to MyQ. Ring support - can we get an honest answer?