MyQ integration with Ring app

Hi I bought the MyQ-G301C, I have installed it and setup the MyQ app, which works perfectly fine.
But I am not able to integrate it to my Ring alarm

I am in Canada, not sure if this feature is available for users in Canada ?

First looked at the options if there is any option in Setup a Device, but I do not see the Garage Door Opener as an option. Ring app users in the US have this as an option

Also I tried to connect via the Works with Ring option. It attempts to listen in but it is not able find the MYQ device.

I am running Ring App 5.33.0

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Hello @Abbas. I have exactly the same issue and I also live in Canada. I’m using the Android Ring app and a new Samsung smartphone. I wonder if that feature is not available for us here in Canada.

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Thx @MySmartHome that was my suspicion as well
I’m running the Ring app on the iPhone

Just got the confirmation from the Ring social advocate team that the MyQ and Ring integration works in US only


OMG…that’s not good.
What would be the reason for that ?.
I found MyQ product very limited in terms of integrations with other products and that’s why I decided to buy specifically the one form Ring store, because they say that it works with Ring.

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Yeah that’s unfortunate.
I asked this Ring team member the question about the MyQ integration rollout for Canadian users. They suggested to follow the announcement on their website.
So I am waiting for the next Ring update which should be due anytime now. Hopefully that will roll out the MyQ integration

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I have the impression that we will be waiting for that update for a very long time. :pensive:

I just updated the Ring App to 5.34.0 on the iPhone
Unfortunately I do not see any update to link the Garage door feature under Setup a Device :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi there, neighbors! At this time, the MyQ integration is only available for our neighbors in the US. We appreciate the feedback and your patience while our teams work to bring new and improved features to your ‘Ring of security’. :slight_smile:

Thx Marley, I hope this feature is rolled out sooner rather than later


I’m in the US, and MyQ is not listed as one of “our Partners” when I select Partners in the Device Settings section for my Ring doorbell … what’s up?

Hi there, @TREK! This should work as intended. Check out our help center article for the best steps for setting up your MyQ with the Ring app. There are also links towards the bottom of the article that can help further if needed. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Today is March 15, 2021. Canadians still waiting for Ring to allow us to use the MyQ - Ring integration.
I really don’t understand why Ring is doing this? Why block Canadians from using this feature?

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Agree with you @MySmartHome I am disappointed as well

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I have made a request on the Product Feature Request Board to see if Ring can listen to us. Go an vote for that request. I’ve set “MyQ integration available in Canada” as the header of the request.


Your feature request post has my vote mate :+1:t2:


Also can’t believe this isn’t available in Canada. So frustrating when I purchased my Ring specifically because it said they worked together.

Another Ring App update… v5.38.0 on the iOS but still not integration with MyQ in Canada
This is terrible

Here we are in mid-August and still no integration. I would normally blame MyQ after their originally fiasco with HomeKit. You may or may not be familiar with that one but it was/is an absolute nightmare, and is still ongoing actually. I just eventually gave up and decided to go the Ring route to run/monitor my garage door, only to find out that I am now in the EXACT SAME NIGHTMARE that I had be waiting on with HomeKit/MyQ since 2017🙄. But in this case, if you look at the Ring app,(as a Canadian user) they don’t have any other devices available to “add” from the list that aren’t their own Ring branded devices, aside from Kwickset door locks. So I really think the issue here is Ring allowing other companies devices to “work with Ring” in Canada. Not just the MyQ alone.

I got B510C installed at my place in 2019. This supported the MyQ but did not have Wifi.
I bought MyQ-G0301-D sometime last year, tested it, it worked, but decided to return it bad cause of the lack of Ring compatibility, no Home Kit integration and price.
After that in Feb 2021, I bought MYQ-G0303-SP which had a HomeKit integration.
It works well with the Home Kit. But essentially I want the integration of MyQ with Ring, which at present is still not supported here in Canada