MyQ integration available in Canada

I can’t think of any reason why this feature is not available for Canada.
Could you please just add this feature in our Ring app like the one you have for the USA app ?.

This feature is required by Ring and MyQ users in Canada.
I was disappointed when I did not see this feature even in the newly rolled version 5.37.1 where the team added support for Outdoor Smart Plug but not MyQ :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

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Second this - completely ridiculous that the same software integration isn’t available across an imaginary line north of where it is available. Super disappointing on the part of Ring not putting the same care and effort into the non-US versions of the app.

I bought a MyQ kit expecting to be able to use with my ring alarm. Very disappointed that this feature is not available and not documented as such.

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Please enable this feature in Canada

I have both Ring and MyQ and live in Canada. I’d love to see this integration working up here in Canuckistan!

I hope they realize that for every one of us techies that makes it to this feature board and votes… there is probably 1000 Canadians just passively frustrated that it says it works with Myq and it just doesn’t. Come on devs… Change a 0 to a 1 on that feature for the next Canadian market update. It’s already marketed… and already developed for the American market.

please enable this in Canada