My wired ring doorbell is saying low power!

The door bell has been wired for nearly 18 months and has been fine, now its got an alert saying its on 4% - the wires are still intact and I;ve checked the bell box - all is fine. Any ideas why its now not taking power from the mains?

If you are in a particularly cold climate that can affect the battery life and change length.
Also, depending on your settings, if you are getting more motion detections (more people coming and going because of the holidays by change?) then it’ll eat into the battery life as well.

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Hi, but its wired - and the battery has been showing at 100% for all its life - I’m trying to figure out why the wired power is no longer supplying the unit

I too have a wired doorbell and for a long time it showed 100%. But then I started to get a lot more motion notifications (by my own settings tweaking) and the battery started to go down. I noticed around 60%, un-tweaked my settings, and after a couple days it was back to 100%.
Maybe you need to do similar analysis.

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weird - i;ve changed nothing in the 18 months I’ve had it - wonder if the cold weather is playing havoc with it… not sure what to do.