My stick cam

I have a solar panel to charger my stick up camera and thw panel wont charger the battery. Ring sent me new solar panel and it doing same thing I can unplug it from camera and plug it back in it so battery and do it again it say power source. So like to get it fix

Hi @Hilton2010! Now that you’ve got your new Solar Panel hooked up, it is important to achieve several hours of direct sunlight. Keep in mind there are many factors to consider for an optimal Solar Panel charge. Variables such as excessive motion events, frequent long live view durations, poor wifi signal strength, or even cold weather, can make it seem like your Solar Panel is not charging. Even though the status in your Ring app might not show the Solar Panel, it is likely still charging your batter. After checking the above variables, please charge your battery to 100% and monitor battery level over time. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It been plug in since got new panel and the battery is at 60% and it was 100% . so I’m think it plug on the back of the camera where u plug the solar panel in to

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