My Ring Doorbell says I am not the owner, but I am

My husband and I purchased our Ring Doorbell new a couple years ago, we installed it on our front doorbell (on a house that we own & live in). We have the box, receipt, as well as use the app on our phones and paid for premium service. We recently discovered that our apps are saying “You are not the owner.” So we uninstalled the app and reinstalled, signed back into the Ring app with no issues, and it still says that we are not the owner! After spending a long time speaking with customer service, it seems they cannot help us. Are there any tips to get around this stupid process? We have all proof that we are the owners: we own the house & the Ring device, have receipts, etc.! I still get email alerts from Ring, and can log into everything - how could someone else have added their email to our device and how do I get them off of my device (or is this just a stupid system software error and bad customer service)?

You don’t say specifically where you bought the Ring device. If it wasn’t an authorized dealer that could be part of the issue as someone may have purchased it previously, registered it, then returned it, and then you bought it.
We are just fellow users here and have no way of accessing your account information, so you’ll have to continue to call Ring Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help). Note, you may have to call back multiple times to get an agent that knows what to do.

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@LWankowski Sounds like it was possibly a returned item that was resold. Where did you buy it?

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Hi @LWankowski. It is possible that a few years ago you setup the device under a different email address and have since started using a different email. The way to get to the bottom of this is to contact our support team. Be sure to have the MAC ID (located on the back of the device) handy so the support team can look this up after a verification process.