My ring Doorbell not catching all of the movements on my porch

Hello everyone has anyone else had a problem with their doorbell not catching all movement?

If your Ring doorbell is being setup on an elevated area or on a staircase, I would suggest using the included wedge kit to angle down the device a bit and so that the motion sensor will accurately capture when someone is coming up.

Doorbell is recording an event several times an hour but when viewing the recording there is no activity. Also when known events should be recorded they are not.
Used to work perfectly but have had the above problem for months now.
Also battery is running down in a few weeks instead of months.

Turn up the “Motion Frequency” to “Frequent” under Motion Settings of the device.

Then turn down you Motion Sensitivity.

Standard motion frequency only records events every 15 minutes. Frequent will do it every 30 seconds.