My ring doorbell is hardwired but showing a low battery why?

I have a Ring Doorbell 3 and until last week it was brilliant. Its been running for a year with no problem.

Its hard wired and never dropped below 98% battery.

Last week I checked the health to find it had 20% battery so I charged it and three days later it was down 45% So I ordered a new battery to rule out a dead cell and with the new battery the same issuè occurs.

No change to the config and the device shows that it is hard wired. I have metered the bell wire and get 18v AC.

I turned off all motion detection and recording and still the battery drains.

Any suggestions?

My ring doorbell is hardwired but showing a low battery why?

If my theory is correct, it will only work now with 16v 30va.

My RingDoorbell 2 was also showing low battery even though hardwired. Started a few weeks ago. Removing the battery and charging showed the battery was good. So I reinstalled and same thing, battery was discharging. So I removed it again and wiped the battery contacts and the contacts in the doorbell itself with an alcohol wipe and since then it has been charging much better. So far so good. Ring app shows firmware is up to date, but I haven’t found how to see the actual firmware level nor turn off automatic updates.

My doorbell 3 Falls below 90% … display shows bolt to show its charging … battery continues to drain… can’t connect in real time… Ring offers no solution… looks like it’s time for a little negative word of mouth

Ring Video Doorbell 3 here. Had this less than a year and experiencing same issue. Worked flawlessly throughout a hot summer and cold winter. Now in more ideal spring conditions, it’s losing charge rather rapidly. Judging by the timing of everyone’s post, this is a software issue.

I see ring’s responses are basically non-responses. The problem that most of us are having appear to be systemic and are not user error especially for those who have been up and running a very long time. Ring should spend less money on advertising and more money fixing a product that they’ve broken with their many software “improvements”

Extremely disillusioned with the whole thing.


Same issue here, door bell 3 wired since 3 month and last week without any changes, battery started dropping and end of week doorbell was shutdown. Looks really like a new firmware battery drain.
@ring team, please do something !