My protection Plans

I recently bought a Ring doorbell 2 because my one doorbell stopped working(I had 2 ringdoorbell) I had a basic protection plan on both. Now I have only 2 doorbells again but the protection plan I had on the one that broke is now gone and It says I need to buy a new protection pan. Is there a way to transfer my plan to the new doorbell? It is good until July next year so I don’t want to buy a new plan since I still only have 2 doorbells.

We are having the same issue.

Only, ours didn’t break, we just added another linked camera and we have lost the plan on our original cam…that was good until July 2020.

What I remember the invoice saying on the 2nd cam was it had an extremely long plan (from Dec '19 to Mar '21).

So, what they have done is taken the plan off the original cam and put it onto the new cam…rendering the plan on original cam GONE!

Very confusing and extremely annoying as now we are concerned about renewing another plan because they will screw itup again.

Im wondering if it will force us onto the ‘unlimited cam’ plan now that we have more than one?

There is still no resopnse to this? Does anyone know what to do? I moved and got married. My husband had one too and I was trying to set them up on the same account… now they are both set up, but neither is being covered under my plan. It lists my device at my old address as being covered, but this is the same device… just a new address.

No one here can help with the plans and devices. You’d be better off calling customer service. They can straighten this out for you.

Actually, I figured it out from the Help Info. You have to cancel your old plan (they automatically refund the balance) and re-sign up.

Hope that helps anyone else who comes here with an issue.


Just make sure there are no videos you wanted to keep before you cancel. They will be deleted.