My post was removed.

So, I get that people where annoyed about people suspicious behavior of random people ring their door bell and such, however my property meets the back of a mall area where criminal activity happens all the time. Yes you have dumpster divers and people looking for pallets and I do not post about this people as they are just living their life. However, when I keep going out and seeing a vehicle sit for hours on hours on my property, near my property without an reasonable reason to be there and to keep doing this for days upond days this is suspicious behavior. They have no reason to be back there at all. And in the past I have dealt with aggressive people in these cars where I had to call the cops, people who have jump my fence or my other Neighbors whose property also line the back of the property who have gone through our cars or tied to break in. I have seen these people steal sump pump from the stores in the back of the mall area. I see people do drugs and even seen people stop back there and have relations (I tried to use the correct three letter word for this act and they would not let me post) in their car. Anyone back there who is not the normal truck drivers, workers, dumpster divers, pallet collectors and such 9 times out of 10 have been there for nefarious reasons. So my question is why am I not allowed to make post about these individuals I identify? I am posting it because anyone coming near this area needs to know that it may not be safe which includes anyone visiting the mall area and the rest of my neighborhood. I am very disappointed that this app will not let me share genuine concerns for safety I have.

Hi @Stardreamer333. The Neighbors App is a place to share safety concerns with your neighborhood, as long as everything lines up with the Community Guidelines as outlined here. If your post was removed, you should have received an email regarding the removal. For any questions on why the post was removed, you’ll want to respond directly to that email so the appropriate team can follow up with you. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile:

I have the kind of same of process.

I have several posts that were removed and they were listed as a public serice accouncement becuase of people that were possibly casing the are for a potential robbery. I had tried to post it twice with mostly pertinent information that included dates and times as well as stree location. both were removed and I did receive an email. i also replied back to the email to have those post posted and did not see them posted.

So if they were posted with the current information along with dates and times and listed as unusual activity, they still get removed. How can we post those properlly or what is the proper format to ensure that they will get posted?

I had to go through a differnt media platform to get the information out to the public.

Thank you for the information.